Juicebox – Unboxed

Imagine being 17 years old again, with no responsibilities other than hanging with your friends in the garage, playing boy-racer in your first car, and spending the little money you have on “upgrades”.  This is basically what Juicebox Unboxed is, except these are adults.  And behind the scene, they probably have responsibilities.

The entire Unboxed series, which is currently at episode #36, is the story through which Neil, the focus of the channel, picks up an AE86 Tueno, literally rotting away in a field.  Unboxed follows his journey of restoration.  They visit some interesting characters while trying to source parts, they light each other on fire at least 5 times per episode, and partake in general shop mayhem, often involving skateboards or drones, and usually more fire.

Fabrication and Fire

All joking aside, there’s some really quality work that takes place on this channel.  From full panel replacement, to custom part fabrication, engine re-builds, etc.  All while taking time to hack together some temporary repair on one of their haphazard daily drivers.  But then subsequently light that on fire as well.

These guys have figured it out.  They’re grown men, doing everything that we tried to do as kids, except they have the resources we never did.  Their shop resembles an aircraft hangar, their tools and skillsets are seemingly endless between the members of the group, and they have the funds to make it all come together. 

This may not contain Grand Tour quality cinematography, but by god is it fun.

Check their channel, Juiceboxforyou on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQdUounXXta_k977qGPnuXw

Cars and Cameras


My most recent kick has been this YouTube channel called Cars and Cameras.  I’m pretty sure I stumbled upon this when I fell asleep with YouTube playing, and woke up an hour later down a rouge rabbit hole.

Like many of you, my automotive roots come from a childhood of power sports: go karts in particular.  I was fascinated by the idea of a 4-wheeled vehicle made for a small human and the intentions of off-road adventure.  My early childhood years of go kart shenanigans led to later childhood years of modifying go karts, which paved the path for my (toxic) automotive hobby in adulthood.

The basic premise of this YouTube channel doesn’t actually have anything to do with Cars or Cameras, it seems like.  Instead, this channel focuses around John and Isaac, and their adventures building go karts and minibikes to levels that 14 year old versions of ourselves would never have been able to imagine.  The one that really got me was the 900cc Ducati shifter cart build, appropriately named “Ducarti,” which is exactly as outrageous as it sounds.  They do a lot of informative comparison videos, with their backyard loop as the testing ground.  These guys use some quick tricks and quality parts, courtesy of a channel-sponsor, mixed with a little bit of backyard ingenuity, to show you all the things you wish you were able to pull off as a kid.

Will I ever buy a go kart or minibike as an adult?  It’s unlikely, until I inevitably push that onto children someday.  But you can bet your ass I’m subscribed to watching this channel of two grown men doing what I wish I had done!