What the hell am I doing?

As a long-time auto enthusiast, who enjoys taking frequent breaks from my day job to scroll through auto blogs, listen to podcasts, and dabble in some YouTube channels, I find myself frustrated with what’s available for the actual enthusiast.  The vast majority of quality auto media is focused around the average Joe who can’t wait to read through the next pamphlet at the BMW dealership, wistfully signing away 96 months’ worth of (indispensable) income for a base 320i, later to panic at the site of a washer fluid low indicator on the gauge cluster.  And I get it.  Because it makes sense.  The largest pool of “auto enthusiasts” that scroll through these forms of media are very similar to Joe.  I’d even venture to say this makes up over 80% of the viewership.  But what about the other 20% of us who actually like things other than pamphlets?  The 20% who own tools?  The people who make car purchases based on how hard it’s going to be to pull that motor out if need-be?

I want Garage Hangs to be for the 20%.

The goal here is to bring you things that won’t have you screaming at your screen, because some chucklehead can’t figure out why WD40 isn’t working as a penetrating lubricant.  I want you to enjoy what you see, because it’s written, filmed, and edited by someone who also works on things, and enjoys the mechanical side of our hobby.

I appreciate great build threads, an effectively arranged garage, and occasionally a well-sorted car.

Welcome to Garage Hangs.